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Friday, July 16, 2010

ELLE Beauty Top 5

The Best Lash-Lengthening Mascaras

From highend to a bargain mascara such as Maybellines Great Lash.  These are the must haves for lengthening your eyelashes.  Which one (s) have you tried or which one (s) do you favor?

Keep it beautiful ^_^


1xellus1 said...

I haven't tried any of these mascaras. I like Maybelline the COLLOSAL. If I could try one, I guess it would be the Great Lash. :O)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Its hard cuz mascara is like nail polish BC/TC - its totally subjective as to who it works on and who it doesn't work on.

After trying many, I finally found what works for me...Lancome mascara base and Hourglass Superficial mascara. No smudge and they actually curl my lashes very well without any lash curler needed (cuz I hate those). And I've gotten compliments on how long my lashes are. I've tried half of your list...but I had issues with them. I think they work great for people tho, cuz its subjective. :)

mzc1ark24 said...

I love Great Lash...I love your make-up Blog. I'm following ^_^

Sharon said...

I have tried Maybelline Great lash and Benefit Bad Gal lash and they all work well for me,I like them both but my fave has to be Benefit for extra long think lashes


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