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Friday, September 3, 2010

An Explanation Of The MAC Foundation Color System

It seems backwards that MAC says pink is a warm color and yellow a cool, but they use the artists color wheel which is essentially backwards compared to what people normally think of as cool/warm. You can always think of NW as meaning 'not warm', or 'neutralizes warm' and NC as 'not cool' or 'neutralizes cool'.

MAC shades come in level 15 (extra pale) through level 55 (very dark). They make a variety of foundations with different finishes and consistencies to suit different skintypes. It is best to visit your local MAC counter to determine the shade you would wear with the assitsance of a MAC makeup artist. The vein trick written about on the chart is not always the most accurate way of determining your shade because some veins can appear different colors than others. It is best to try the foundation on your skin if you can do so.


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Sharon said...

great post hun,thanx for sharing..the first time I was matched this MUA@mac counter mismatched me to be NC50 I wore it for a few a while until I realised it was wrong shade as my face was completely turning darker as if I had tanned..After a thorough search..I went and picked NC45 without any help and it was on point,matched me perfectly..

Unknown said...

Yes, I was matched up with NW43 which is a perfect match for me. When I tell people that I am NW43 they think I should have chosen a lighter one, thinking that I look much lighter then NW43. But, I have like red undertones or something. weird. lol!

Anonymous said...

did you get my email about your interview?

Unknown said...

Very helpful! Thank you :)

unkwn said...

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