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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Violetta is BaaaaaK!!

I missed out on this fabulous lipstick and can't miss out on it again. This lipstick relaunches in the MAC Venomous Villians collection soon!  Are you running out to get it!! :D

Keep it beautiful (✿◠‿◠)


1xellus1 said...

I wanted this Violetta so badly!
I ordered it in Feb. MAC said it was back ordered & would ship soon. 3 weeks later, they sent me an email saying it would not be back in stock. I was really upset!

My only other option was to order it from MACPro. The cheapie in me wanted free shipping, so that meant $150 order. I couldn't justify it. Other things were more of a priority. LOL

I'm going to pass on getting it this go around b/c of the packaging. I don't want Maleficent on my l/s. So bummed.

I did some research on her

Different strokes though.
I decided to buy the MUFE Rouge Artiste Intense #15 instead. It's $19, but I heard the staying power was incredible. I can't wait to get it. :O)

Sharon said...

not quite sure if I will get this as Im on No buys but its such a lovely colour

rmcandlelight said...

1xellus1: Yeah, I'll check it out at the store and if it's just a sticker I'll peelit off. Lol!!

I'll checkout your research..Thanks

Sharon: I need to be on a no buy but I'll see. It is a lovely color ;)

KayKay said...

hey girl thanks for stopping by. i really wana see swatches of violetta on you when you get it. the mua at mac wore it and it looked great on her.
about your comment, i didnt get any polishes because i have acrylic nails but the colors are super gorgeous, especially bad fairy. as for photo ready, i LOVE it! its amazing coverage and feels lightweight. i heard it photographs terribly though. i havent had that problem yet bc ive been taking pix in natural sunlight but i do recommend it. if u need to know what color to get check out temptalias website, she has a foundation matrix when you can see what color you would be based off your mac color. hope that helped

rmcandlelight said...

Kaykay: Thanks, I did hear bad fairy is gorgeous. Will check out photoready :)

Sabrina said...

This is definitely on my list! I can't wait until the collection launches online.

rmcandlelight said...

Sabrina: I hope it's free shipping :)

1xellus1 said...

I just got an email from MAC today. There are some ltd x available pro items, including Violetta w/o the Witchy Decal. LOL
It didn't occur to me that I could scrape the lady off. Duh!

Anyhoo, free shipping til 9/26 using code SS11

Here's the link to the Pro Items

rmcandlelight said...

I got the email from Mac this morning. I better take advantage of the saw free shipping code. Thanks sis :)


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