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Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding the Perfect Shade

Hi Beautifuls,

Whether your skin is dark or light, the only way to truly find the best match is by testing a variety of colors. Foundation should match your neck color to avoid the fake line along your jaw. Visit a local makeup counter and place stripes of foundation colors from your cheek down to your jaw.

Then take these tiger stripes for a walk outside. Some black skins cause makeup to oxidize, so let the foundation set for at least twenty minutes then check the colors in natural light. Don’t be in a hurry to buy; taking the time to select the best foundation color is the more important beauty decision you can make.

Another unique factor with dark skins is the seasonal impact; some darker skinned women don’t realize the impact the sun has on their skin color. As sunlight does change the shade and undertones of many dark skins, some will need two different foundation colors, one for the summer and another for the winter (and don't forget to protect against harmful UV rays as well).

Skin Types

No matter what the color of your skin, there are three main skin types: oily, normal and dry. When selecting a foundation, keep your skin type in mind. Oilier skins will need a more matte finish, while dry skins look best with a dewy shimmer foundation. Normal skins can use something in between. Sheer makeup is best for a clear complexion as it allows the most natural appearance.

Cover Sticks

Almost everyone would like to hide their "imperfections". For this reason, an important makeup for ebony beauty is the cover stick. Basically a thicker makeup stick designed to cover up imperfections, women with darker skin tones can use them to hide anything from a blemish to a variation in skin tone color.


Many women of color avoid powder, but there are some advantages. If your skin is oily, powder can help control the shine. Powder also sets makeup to keep it from sliding off your face throughout the day.

If your skin is oily or you want your makeup to last longer, consider using powder. For the best in ebony beauty, dark translucent powders are your choice. As powders typically offer a smaller selection of colors, darker skins have a harder time finding a good match. By utilizing a translucent powder, the actual color is less important, and finding a compatible shade is easier.


A small tint of blush can bring instant life to dark skin. Look for deep and rich colors that also share the same hues as your lipstick. Apply a small hint of color during the day, adding more for the evening. Frosty colors can add glamour on dark skin for a special event. If you prefer, consider using bronzers. Who doesn't love the dewy look? If you find it works on your skintone, then try it! You may like what you see.


Most eye makeup tips are effective for all types of skin color.


Very important part of the ebony beauty routine. In darker skins, much like other skintones, eyebrows can be either - bushy and dark along, or sparse and lost on the face. For those extra strong eyebrows, Eyebrow Shaping can be an important beauty enhancement.

In turn, sparse eyebrows on an ebony beauty can be almost completely invisible. By simply filling in your eyebrows, you can provide a wonderful lift to your whole eye area.


The absolute best feature on an ebony beauty is her lips. Naturally full lips and white teeth are inherent characteristics of women of color. The best shades of lipstick for dark skins are beige, yellow, yellowish brown and blue undertones. Depending on your preference, full lips can be managed using foundation to cover the surface of the lip. This will even out the skin color, allowing you to draw a lip line with liner and filling in with color.

Keep it beautiful

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